It's More Than Just A Game

By Kate Liming
May. 13, 2016

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Sports. It is my favorite word in the English vocabulary. My daily life is consumed with sports, whether I think about sports, talk about sports, read about sports, watch sports, or play sports. Nothing on this earth makes me more happier than sports do. From being a kid to being a young adult, sports has always been a huge part of my life. I even took an English elective in high school called Literature & Sport, which consumed of reading sports articles and books, watching sports documentaries and movies, and of course, talking about sports. It was the best class and my favorite class that I ever took in high school. What is it about sports that attracts me to this lifestyle and obsession? Is it the focus in the athletes of the sport they are dedicated to? Is it the way the athletes move to get to where they need to be? Is it the blood, sweat and tears that go into the daily routines of these athletes when they train, practice, and play? Is it the mental part or physical part? What is it? Is it a Lakers home game in the 4th quarter with 2.3 seconds left and the Miami Heat are leading by 2 but Kobe Bryant gets the inbound and decides to take and make a 3-point buzzer beater over Dwayne Wade to win the game? Is it when true freshman BYU quarterback Tanner Mangum, in relief of injured started Taysom Hill, throws a 42-yard touchdown pass with one second remaining on the clock to wide receiver Mitch Matthews to defeat Nebraska 33-28 in their home opener and end a 29-game winning streak in home opener games? Is it the 2001 World Series, Game 7 between the New York Yankees and Arizona Diamondbacks at the bottom of the 9th, one out, men on first and second when Tony Womack hits a double to tie the game and move the winning run to third base? What is it? Is it the pre-season? The regular season? The playoffs? The finals? The Masters? Wimbledon? Tour de France? The Indianapolis 500? The Superbowl? The Rose Bowl? March Madness? The World Series? The World Cup? The Olympics? What is it? It's everything. Sports to me is everything. It's my passion and my love. It always has been. What I intend to write about on my blog will be about all sports, all players and all great sporting events from the past, the present and the future. I will write about college sports and pro sports, male athletes and female athletes, bad games and good games, from nationwide to around the world. I will write about sports because to me, it's more than just a game.