Katie Lou Samuelson did what?

By Kate Liming
Mar. 09, 2017

Have you ever seen an NBA player make ten consecutive 3-pointers? No? I didn't think so. But Katie Lou Samuelson, a sophomore basketball sensation at UConn, did just that in a 100-44 victory over the University of South Florida on March 6th, Monday night in the American Athletic Conference Championship game before heading off to March Madness to possibly win a fifth consecutive title.

We all know that UConn is the most dominant basketball program in Division 1 history. They have made and continue to make history within their program such as winning 11 NCAA Championship titles (4 of which were won in the last 4 years), winning 100 (and counting) straight games, and many undefeated seasons. With Katie Lou Samuelson as the best three-point shooter for UConn the Huskies have a good chance of winning a fifth consecutive NCAA title.