The Comeback Team: Clemson Defeats Alabama in 2017 CFB Championship

By Kate Liming
Jan. 12, 2017

Remember when Villanova defeated North Carolina in the final seconds of the 2016 NCAA Championship game with a buzzer beater far beyond the 3-point line? That's exactly how Clemson came to win the 2017 CFP Championship game over Alabama, the reigning champs who defeated Clemson last year in the 2016 CFB championship game.

The mattering factor in this game was how Deshaun Watson and the Tigers were going to overcome Alabama's 5-star defense, after all, those Alabama defenders are the size of refrigerators. When Alabama's RB Scarbrough scored the first touchdown in the first quarter and again in the second, the Clemson didn't hold back. Shortly after that second touchdown, Clemson's QB Deshaun Watson was able to answer back with a 8 yd carry, giving Clemson hope. Scoring went back and forth all the way to the fourth quarter when Alabama's true freshman QB Jalen Hurts ran the ball for 30 yds. Clemson had about two minutes to make a miracle happen and it did. 

Watson was able to throw a 24 yd pass to WR Mike Williams and a 17 yd pass to TE Jordan Leggett. The Tigers were now close enough to score. Deshaun Watson threw the ball for 2 yards to Hunter Runfrow with one second left in the game.

Alabama: 31, Clemson: 35

Alabama's defense got Clemson to stumble here and there, but not by much, especially because of Deshaun Watson, who was 36 of 56 passing for 420 yards and three touchdowns for the game. 

 As for Alabama head coach Nick Saban? This is his first national championship loss ever.