UConn Creates History......Again

By Kate Liming
Jan. 15, 2017

Anytime someone mentions UConn, I immediately think of their women's college basketball team and I think anyone would agree with me on that because anytime someones mentions women's college basketball, I immediately think of UConn.

Geno Auriemma has been coaching UConn to success for the last 32 years. He has led them to eleven Division 1 NCAA Championships, which is more than any team men's or women's. His current overall record is 971-134, which is the best record for any coach in college basketball. 

Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers sent the team his new shoe 'Kyrie 3' with a UConn personalized design based on their 91-0 winning record. Oh, and he sent them BEFORE they won because c'mon, we all knew it would happen. SMU had no chance and they knew it. 

Here is what Geno had to say before winning the big game, “Honestly, I don’t sit here and figure out how many games we’re going to win in a row. We’ve done it before.” 

He's right, they have done it before. Current WNBA star of the Minnesota Lynx and former UConn player, Maya Moore led the Huskies to a 90-0 record from 2008-2010. It came to an end when Stanford beat UConn in a 71-59 victory. 

It could have ended on November 14th when Florida State was just three points away from beating UConn in the final seconds of the game but missed the three pointer, ending the game with a UConn victory of 74-72. 

The Huskies are looking to aim for 100 on February 13th, which will be played against South Carolina, the fifth ranked team according the AP Poll and USA Today Coaches Poll. The number one ranked team in the nation? UConn obviously. 

For UConn to be the only team in men's and women's to break this record--THEIR OWN RECORD--just proves how amazing of a team UConn really is, which is another reason why people should really watch women's college basketball: it is just as entertaining as the men's, and I haven't seen a men's team do what UConn has done: win 11 championships, accumulate the best winning overall record, and win 90 games in a row one time and 90+ games in a row for a second time. 

Don't fall asleep on UConn. They will win again and again and again.