10 Other Ways MLB Should Decide World Series Home Field Advantage

By CalvinChu
Jul. 16, 2014

Longtime LA Dodgers' broadcaster Vin Scully went on a little rant on this subject, which can be seen here.

In the wake of the MLB"s All Star Game, it is important to note that the MLB decides which team has home-field advantage in the most important series of the baseball year: the (misnomer of an event) World Series. 

I think that linking a game that does not necessarily have any connection to deciding which team is the best to the championship is ridiculous. 


That being said, since I'm not a politician that only points out others' problems and does nothing to fix them, here's 10 semi-serious, semi-joke ways to solve this issue in a better way.

10. When the two teams that make it to the World Series are decided, there is a 48 hour period where whichever team gets more votes on Twitter gets home field advantage.

9. The team with a cooler mascot gets home field advantage.

8. The team with the lower payroll gets home field advantage so they could ostensibly cash in on one more home game should the series go to 7 games.

7. Set up a fundraiser for a rotating cause that MLB already actively supports (ex: fighting Breast Cancer) and whichever team's fans raise the most money gets the home field advantage.

6. Set up an e-Bay auction for it

5. Do away with deciding home-field advantage and instead play 7 games at a totally random site, like how the Super Bowl is hosted.

4. Play the series overseas. How 'bout Japan? Opening Day technically starts there w/ those Mariners games... What about a symbolic full-circle where the season ends off American soil.

3. Speaking of which, why don't we make it like the Olympics and change host countries every year? One year Panama, next year Dominican. Maybe it'll be a little bit more of a World Series. But I don't know about how much the taxpayers in other countries will like this one.

2. Whichever team lost the fewest games during the playoffs prior to reaching the World Series would get home field advantage.

1. How 'bout we do it like Basketball and just let the team with the better record get home field advantage? Just a thought... 

Honorable mentions:
Better run differential (either in regular season or playoffs)
Best stadium concessions 

Best regular season give-away