Cavs Will Doom Selves If They Trade Wiggins For Love

By CalvinChu
Jul. 18, 2014

The Cavaliers had a successful offseason. They made sure that Kyrie Irving was their PG for years to come, and they got a hometown hero in LeBron James to return to their team.

The Cavs drafted Andrew Wiggins to get a franchise wing player that brings great talent on both ends of the floor.

With just these three core players, LeBron James already has a younger core that is more dangerous than the big three of Miami.

Oh wait, there's more on this team?
There's sharpshooting Dion Waiters, a young guy who could be shipped elsewhere for a defensive specialist big man or something.

There's Tristan Thompson, a former 4th overall draft pick that switched shooting hands last season and actually improved his shooting percentage.

There's last year's number one draft pick, Anthony Bennett, basically a younger Kevin Love in terms of nailing threes as a big man.

There's Anderson Varejao, LeBron's old teammate, the big man that can get the rebounds that Love would get.

Considering that Kevin Love only has one year until free agency, why don't the Cavs just wait and woo him to Cleveland without having to give up any compensation?

Why would you trade away a cost-controlled playmaker that won't cost you a max contract?

I guess billionaires don't think the same way as we do.

Please Cavs, don't screw up by giving up Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love. As great as Love is, it's not worth mortgaging your future for him.