Cleveland Lineup With LeBron

By CalvinChu
Jul. 11, 2014

Despite rumors of Kevin Love headed to Cleveland once LeBron has chosen to land there, the Cavaliers have a young core with many talented supporting players that could help out LeBron for many years to come.

Kyrie Irving earned a max deal this offseason, and he'll be James' first premier ball handler. LeBron won't have to create everything himself, and can you imagine the lobs to a flying LeBron?

Shooting guard Dion Waiters is a talented prospect, but with #1 Andrew Wiggins on the team, there could be little room for Waiters unless LeBron plays in a stretch four position with Waiters and Wiggins in the wing. Carrik Felix can bring some defense on a team that is oozing with offense.

Additionally, the Cavs drafted Joe Harris, a sharpshooter that could be the next Kyle Korver.


Wiggins could play at SF as well, but with LeBron now on the team, that seems even more unlikely, especially with the Cavs initially calling Wiggins a SG.

Tristan Thompson pulled of an impressive feat by switching the hand he shoots with last season. The change proved to be effective, and he could be a impressive player down the road. Additionally, last year's 1st pick Anthony Bennett also is a big man that could become even better with LeBron drawing so much attention.
Draft pick Dwight Powell landed in Cleveland after the draft, and could be a promising project player after leaving Stanford.

With a former #1 pick and a #4 pick at this position, I'd be surprised if Love indeed comes to Cleveland.

Centers: Anderson Varejao and Brendan Hayward are the only centers on the team, but Varejao could be packaged with a young SG like Waiters for a center like Roy Hibbert or Al Horford.

Overall, the future is bright for this team.