Heat Sign Danny Granger, with whom LeBron and Wade Have Beef

By CalvinChu
Jul. 07, 2014

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports! is reporting that the Miami Heat have signed Danny Granger to a 2 year, $4.2 million dollar deal. He could provide a little shooting, but the move is extrememly puzzling for the Heat, as both Granger would not be playing a position that the Heat need to fill should the Big Three stay in tact. Granger is a SF. LeBron James is a small forward. Josh McRoberts is a stretch Four that they just signed. The moves are very interesting in a post-Big-Three-opt-out world. Maybe the Heat are genuinely worried that they won't be able to resign LeBron. It could be a true signing as a backup for LeBron, as the deal doesn't eat a ton of cap space. he could score a little, but it's definitely not an upgrade of a team that would win over LeBron.

This move comes as a huge surprise as the Heat have had previous issues with Granger, dating back to 2012. When the Pacers met the Heat in the playoffs, Granger was very physical with the opposing Heat, frustrating LeBron and getting in the faces of players after fouls. Lance Stephenson had some tactics that the Pacers utilized this year, but it seems like Granger was the guy before him to do the same. LeBron was not pleased with Granger's actions, saying "I guess he's doing it for his own psyche. It's stupid."

Wade also called out Granger, saying:

"My message to Granger was that you just can't keep running up into people's faces for altercations. We're not fighting on this basketball court, so let's not act like we're going to fight. We can be physical and do all that, but certain things got to stop. Are you out here to play basketball or are you out here to be a tough guy?" 

Seems like the Big Three wouldn't want this signing, if they were to still stay in Miami.