Jeremy Lin Fan Appreciation Week: Signed Stuff Giveaway!

By CalvinChu
Aug. 04, 2014

While the Houston Rockets didn't show any particular love to Jeremy Lin, Lin definitely knows how to keep positive public relations with fans.
This week, Jeremy will be holding a Fan Appreciation Week with signed memorabilia being given away.

Monday: Facebook Photo Caption Contest: Lin will post 10 photos on both his Chinese and English Facebook pages, and the top three comments per photo (chosen by him) will win a signed Linsanity Poster.

Tuesday: Twitter Multiple Choice quiz: First person to tweet @jlin7 the correct answer to 10 multiple choice questions will win a signed pair of shoes.The next two that are correct will get a signed T-Shirt. The quiz will be at 9AM PST.

Wednesday: Instagram Video Contest: More details to come, but the first prize is a signed pair of shoes and the two consolation prizes are signed Linsanity Movie posters.

Thursday will consist of a live Q/A session at 10AM PST on Facebook

Friday: Tweet to him artwork you've created related to him, and he will choose three winners to get a signed t-shirt.

Best of luck to all!