Josh Gordon Reduced Suspension?

By CalvinChu
Aug. 01, 2014

Insider sources report that Cleveland Browns' WR Josh Gordon may have his suspension slightly reduced. If you haven't heard already, Josh Gordon was suspended for one year by the NFL for failing one drug test for marijuana. He subsequently got arrested for DUI after the suspension was levied. However, the way NFL drug tests work are that a urine sample is split into two. The first half is tested, and if it is over the .15 limit, then the second sample will be tesed. Gordon's first half tested to be .16, and the second one tested for .13. To be fair, a .15 level is much lower than even the MLB (.5) tests for. A simple arithmetic average of his .16 and .13 samples would come out to be .145, which is technically under .15. Thus, Gordon does have a cause to at least lessen the severity of his suspension, though the DUI hurts him as well. His claims that the positive test was due to secondhand marijuana smoke seems dubious, but in a world where small numbers matter, that could come into play as well. Stay tuned for more information.