Monday Morning QBs Wrong on Bears, Trestman

By CalvinChu
Nov. 11, 2014

Remember when people cried wolf, saying that the New England Patriots were done for after a walloping by the still-underrated Kansas City Chiefs? Tom Brady was more like Tomb Ready. 

And now, half way through the season, we laugh at the quick trigger-finger we have on sports.
Humans are reactionary by nature, and we do just that when our favorite team struggles.

However, all the people calling for a firing of Marc Trestman are the same people that are crying wolf, crying that the sky is falling. 

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Look, I get that it's frustrating that Brandon Marshall got hurt, that Jay Cutler's inconsistency is showing, etc. The first thing is that playing a star when down by a large margin is hard thing to do. Bench him, and you make players upset, you make fans upset, etc. Play him, and you risk injury in meaningless game-time. However, these players are paid to play. You can't not play because you're afraid of injury. While you can look back and say that maybe the Bears should've let some rookies play. Then you realize that even rookie Chris Williams lost yards on his only look. His special teams brought a touchdown for the Bears when not much else was going. There's logic in letting Marshall and Cutler play a little more to regain some confidence. 

What's wrong is the jumping on Trestman's back and/or taking out frustration on his daughters. What's wrong is taking away a job from a guy that turned the Bears into a offensive machine from a defense oriented team. You win some, you lose some. Miami, New England, and Green Bay are all hot teams right now. They are capable of putting up big numbers, and when the Bears' defense isn't elite, these teams will score big. Last year, run defense was terrible. This year, without Peanut Tillman, air yards are easy. The Bears are 28th in the league in opposing passing yards, compared to a pedestrian 15th for rushing. 

However, the Bears' woes may be remedied with two consecutive games versus the Vikings (sans Adrian Peterson) and the Lovie Smith-coached Tampa Bay Buccaneers. So sit tight, and enjoy the ride. What goes down, must come up, or something like that...