Patty Mills Shoulder Surgery, Will Miss At Least 3 Months of Next Season

By CalvinChu
Jul. 02, 2014

Free agent and San Antonio Spurs' Championship-winning Patty Mills will have shoulder surgery to repair a rotator cuff. He was originally going to play for team Australia, but those plans are derailed, and a 7 month time table for recover would take him into early February, at which point he would miss at least 3, and maybe even 4 months of the NBA season.

The amazing thing is that the gritty Australian Patty Mills played through this injury through the season and the Spurs championship run.

He may not get as much money as he deserves as a result of this injury, but hopefully he'll be able to come back stronger. If he could contribute that much to a championship team when injured, imagine what he can do in the NBA when healthy. Stay tuned.