Thunder Make Best Value FA Signing

By CalvinChu
Jul. 13, 2014

In this year's hectic free agency with cameos from LeBron, Carmelo Anthony, Pau Gasol, and many others, the Oklahoma City Thunder successfully made the best value move of the entire signing period.
First, take a moment to recall the Thunder's starting lineup last season:
Russell Westbrook
Thabo Sefolosha
Kevin Durant
Serge Ibaka
Nick Collison/Kendrick Perkins/Steven Adams.
Adams is progressing, but it is obvious that Collison and Perkins are note elite performers. They give 110% all the time, but sometimes that isn't enough.

The Thunder addressed the big man issue by drafting Mitch McGary and adding a depth option in Josh Huestis (though I would've loved getting someone like Kyle Anderson to fill everywhere in for this team).

Now they have successfully allowed Thabo to go on to Atlanta and acquire a slightly cheaper, much better option at the shooting guard position in former Pelicans sniper Anthony Morrow.

Why is Morrow such an exciting move for the Thunder?
- He cost them $11 million over 3 years.
- He shot 45.1% from three point land last season.
-That wasn't a fluke - Morrow shot 45.8% in his last season in college, and also shot 46.7% and 45.8% in his first two seasons in the NBA.
- He's a great free-throw shooter.
- He's very efficient with his touches, as he scores 18 points per 36 minutes.
Morrow can be the Mike Miller/Ray Allen type veteran that knocks down threes for the Thunder as they look for a championship.
In fantasy land, look for Morrow to get way more minutes than the 18 a game he was getting in New Orleans. He'll have many, many more quality looks as Durant and Westbrook draw defenses away from him. Morrow could be a huge steal in your fantasy draft.