Where Will Melo Land?

By CalvinChu
Jun. 30, 2014

Where Will Melo Land?

If this was a multiple choice question on an ACT, we'd have to guess. on the SAT, we'd leave it blank, because there's no benefit in guessing if you can't eliminate answers.

(please check out Blog of Sports for his take on these NBA Free Agents. We will be targeting a group of key free agents and predicting where they land.)

Where will Knicks' star Carmelo Anthony go in Free Agency?

A) Stay nested in New York

B) Land in Los Angeles

C) Head to Houston

D) Charter flight to Chicago

E) Destined for Dallas

All three of these destinations will be visited by Carmelo in the upcoming weeks. However, one has to wonder if even Miami may be interested in him as a potential suitor.

Another wild card could be Phoenix, a team that has saved up money and has built up a strong group with little money.

A big four with a lineup of Shabazz, Wade/Allen, LeBron, 'Melo, and Bosh is pretty scary.

In a wild chase, should LeBron relent in his quest for a max contract, the Heat could theoretically fit Melo in salary-cap wise.

I don't think he'll go to Dallas, even though he's younger than Dirk.

I don't think he wants to go to Houston, but they may pay up for his services.

In a shocker, I'd put my money on the Los Angeles Lakers nabbing Carmelo with Pau Gasol possibly on his way out.