Keona Espinoza

By Mike Scott
Jun. 11, 2020

Keona Espinoza is a 5'7" 160 pound sophomore Running Back in Henderson, Nevada. He plays for Coronado High school. He was a 3x AYF All-Star player. He trains all the time and loves watching film. He does play defense as he is a hybrid between Linebacker and Defensive Back.

While asking Keona a few questions we summarized this as the result. Keona is a dedicated and focused athlete who is committed to training at least 6 days a week while maintaining A/B Honor Roll in school. He is currently training at Phase I Sports Athletic Training Facility where he has been focusing on speed and agility training, as well as, strength training. Phase I Sports Facility has allowed him to train with current college athletes training for the Combine and off season NFL athletes. This also has allowed him to have exposure to elite training opportunities that will help me to pursue my passion to work in the NFL in some capacity. He enjoys spending time with other athletes who share the same drive and passion that he has. Keona has also started to volunteer to be more involved in his community.

His GPA is a 3.5