Benefits of Visiting Kerala during the Monsoon Season by Grace Travel Mart

The monsoon season is one of the prettiest time of the year. Its entire landscape comes alive after a nice spell of rain. Many tourists from across India and the world travel to Kerala during the monsoon to enjoy its fine weather. The monsoon season starts at June 1 and its cool climate will provide an excellent retreat against the summer heat. Apart from its usual host of tourist destinations, Kerala offers a set of unique attractions that are best experienced during the monsoon season. In Ayurveda, the monsoon season starts at mid-June, and ends at mid-August, this period is known as the ‘Varsha Rithu’ or the ‘Rainy Period’. Many Ayurvedic doctors and practioneers believe this to be the perfect time to get an Ayurvedic treatment as the cool climate will help to open the body’s pores better and thus, receive the full benefits of the applied therapeutic oils and herbal medicines.

Kerala Ayurveda Tourism:

The monsoon season is best for different treatments such as Abhyangam, Ilakkizhi, Podikkizhi, Panchakarma, Udvarthanam, Navarakkizhi, Ksheeradhara, Thakradhara, and Pizhichil. By choosing one of Grace Travel Mart’s Kerala Ayurveda Packages, you can be treated at the finest resorts and clinics in Kerala. Another prime attraction of Kerala during the monsoon season is its exquisite peacock dance. Seeing the peacocks dance is something, which you can get to see only once a year and this is right at the beginning of the monsoon season. The peacocks usher in the dull rain clouds with their wild cries and dance. Travel with one of our incredible Kerala tour packages to see this spectacle unfold in front of your very eyes. Mayiladumpara, a scenic spot in Nelliyampathy, is an ideal place to watch these beautiful birds dance.


Kerala is famous for its majestic and high-rise waterfalls. The waterfalls of Athirapally, Thusharagiri, Vazhachal, and Cheeyappara look even more incredible under the thick cover of the monsoon clouds and rains. You can even see a number of other waterfalls in other tourist destinations. Planning a trip to Kerala during the monsoon season has other benefits as well. As it is the off-season, you can get accommodations at the best hotels at cheap prices and enjoy all the tourist destinations of Kerala without the usual tourist crowds. Have a wonderful Kerala tourism experience by watching the rains from your veranda and sipping a hot cup of fresh tea. You can relax on your patio chairs and read a book. Monsoon also creates an amazing ambiance for meditation. Be sure to get the services of the finest Kerala Travel Agency, when you travel, in this way, you can effectively plan your itinerary without missing out any of the fascinating tourist attractions of Kerala. Visiting Kerala during the monsoon season is truly an amazing experience, since it perfectly unfolds the natural beauty of the state. The landscape would look lot fresher and green, just by breathing in its fresh air; you can start to feel its rejuvenating effects right away.

Monsoon Season: June to September


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