Am I The Only One? Thoughts On Bayley's Belly, Maryse's Cleavage, WWE Ripping Off ROH and More

By kevineck
Sep. 30, 2016

As I reflect on the past week in pro wrestling, I wonder: Am I the only one who ...

... think it's illogical that Bayley's belly-to-belly suplex almost always brings her a victory but Big E delivered three belly-to-belly suplexes in succession during New Day's match against Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson at Clash of Champions and it didn't result in a pin? What does Bayley's belly have that Big E's doesn't?

... thought Maryse's cleavage-baring outfit was the true star of SmackDown?

... doesn't like WWE copying ROH's Code of Honor in its cruiserweight matches? For those unfamiliar, the Code of Honor requires opponents to shake hands before and after the match. It's been a staple of ROH since the company's inception 14 years ago. I could understand WWE doing the handshake gimmick for the Cruiserweight Classic as a way to give the tournament a legitimate sports feel, but I don't understand why the practice has continued after the tournament. Why would matches involving wrestlers who weight 205 pounds or less require a handshake, but matches with heavyweights and women do not? 

... would've loved it if The Miz's parents and Dolph Ziggler's parents started scuffling at ringside during the promo segment with their sons on SmackDown? Step aside, Johnny Fabulous. Miz's dad would be money as a heel manager.

... was curious as to why Dean Ambrose wasn't disqualified when he crotched AJ Styles on the top rope right in front of the referee during their match on SmackDown? I believe that's what Vince McMahon would refer to as "the referee allowing latitude" during his announcer days.

... hopes the new tag team of Sheamus and Cesaro won't be referred to as Shesaro?

... saw WWE announcer Tom Phillips' new haircut on Raw and thought of Bobby "Brain" Heenan's classic line, "Who cuts his hair? The State?"

... is curious as to why WWE used a photo of monster heel Nia Jax with a sweet smile on her face in the graphic for her match with Alicia Fox on the Clash of Champions Kickoff Show?

... thought analyst Lita was unintentionally harsh on Fox when she said "that was the best I've ever seen Alicia Fox look, and she got killed out there" after Fox's loss to Jax?

... thought team captains Bobby Lashley and EC3 each selecting a woman to be a member of their teams in the Lethal Lockdown match on Impact was contrived? Maria Kanellis and Gail Kim ended up not getting involved in the match anyway. Why not use Eli Drake and Tyrus in that spot?

... thinks the match between TNA X DIvision Champion DJZ and Eddie Edwards on Impact should've been on the Bound for Glory pay-per-view Sunday? That said, it was huge for DJZ to score a clean win over Edwards.

... finds it hilarious that the heels have won the coin flip for War Games and Lethal Lockdown matches about 99 percent of the time?

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