Am I The Only One? Thoughts on Lana, New TNA World Champion, Cody Rhodes And More

By kevineck
Oct. 07, 2016

As I reflect on the past week in pro wrestling, I wonder: Am I the only one who ...

... hears Lana (pictured above) instruct the audience to "stand up and put your hand over your heart" and thinks it would be more fun to stand up and put my hand over Lana's heart? Yeah, I probably need to get out more.

... saw the headline "Cactus Jack Finds Out He Has Become Obsolete" on and thought that "Broken" Matt Hardy just might be right after all about MeekMahan plagiarizing his broken brilliance? 

... popped for the return of The Spirit Squad's Kenny and Mikey on SmackDown? Their appearance made an already-good segment with Dolph Ziggler and The Miz even better. 

... thought that Kenny being back on WWE TV had to be somewhat bittersweet for him? Everyone believed he was going to be the Spirit Squad member to break out and become a star.

... who actually found The Spirit Squad gimmick entertaining back in the day?

... thought Raw commentator Corey Graves must've be watching a different show than the rest of us when he talked about how Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson have been dominating the tag team division on Raw?

... is still waiting for referee Charles Robinson to be disciplined for screwing Natalya out of the WWE Women's Championship in her match against Charlotte at Payback several months ago?

... does not like that Bobby Lashley lost the TNA World Title to Eddie Edwards on Impact? No disrespect to Edwards, who is an outstanding talent and is certainly worthy of being champion, but I just don't think the time was right to take the belt off Lashley. Lashley had been a dominant champion and was coming off a big successful defense against EC3 at Bound For Glory. I thought for sure he was going to have a lengthy reign so that it would be a huge deal when he finally lost the title. Edwards pulling the upset got a good pop and I get it that the story was that Lashely was taking Edwards lightly, but I still believe it hurts Lashely's aura of invincibility that he was beaten by a guy who just lost to DJZ and Aron Rex.

... thought Cody Rhodes (I refuse to refer to him simply as Cody) cut a really good promo -- perhaps the best one of his career -- in his Impact debut? He came off very relaxed and confident and it was great that the crowd was with him.

... thought Mike Bennett made a great point when he said that it was unfair for Cody Rhodes to be granted a TNA World Title shot without having to wrestle a single match in TNA?

... was extremely disappointed that technical difficulties prevented viewers from seeing the finish to the weapons in a cage match between The Hardys and Decay on Impact? Why couldn't "Broken" Matt Hardy have restored the feed with his magic? Anyway, for those interested in seeing how the match ended, the video is below:

... thought the verbal exchange between EC3 and Eli Drake on Drake's "Fact of Life" segment was one of the highlights of Impact?

... thinks it becomes more apparent by the week that Aron Rex is miscast as a top-level babyface in TNA? The former Damien Sandow probably wants to get away from being a comedy guy, which I can understand, but if he's going to be a money player in TNA, I think his best chance is as a heel.

... is still confused as to what TNA's X Division Gold is all about?

... is curious as to why "the rules will be strictly enforced" in X Division gold matches? Shouldn't that be the case in all matches? It makes as much sense as WWE cruiserweights being forced to shake hands.

... thought the Ladder War between The Young Bucks, The Addiction and The Motor City Machine Guns at ROH's All Star Extravaganza pay-per-view is a Match of The Year candidate? The match, which saw The Young Bucks win the ROH World Tag Team Title from a bloodied Addiction, brought back memories of the famous TLC matches between The Hardy Boyz, The Dudley Boyz and Edge and Christian from 2000-2001. 

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