Report: WWE Producer Stabbed Twice in Trailer Park

By kevineck
Sep. 30, 2016

WWE producer and former wrestler Jamie Noble was stabbed twice early Wednesday morning in a West Virginia trailer park and is currently in the hospital, according to

Citing the Mercer County Sheriff's Office, the report states that a driver pulled in behind Noble's car as Noble returned to the mobile home park. The driver accused Noble of cutting  him off on the road.

Noble allegedly apologized, but a physical altercation took place, and two other men got out of the driver's car and at least one of them stabbed Noble in the upper back and mid-back/spine before taking off.

EMS were called and Noble was taken to the emergency room. According to the report, he is no longer in the ER but his condition is unclear.

Noble, 39, had a run as on-air character in WWE in 2014 and 2015 as part of J&J Security along with Joey Mercury.

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