The Hot Tag: Facts And Opinions On Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks, Ric Flair's Alleged Tryst With Halle Berry, Young Bucks, Hardys And More

By kevineck
Oct. 06, 2016

The following is an excerpt from my weekly pro wrestling column, "The Hot Tag," for PressBox:

One of my colleagues during my tenure at The Baltimore Sun was respected sports columnist John Eisenberg, whose "Fact and Opinion" columns were always must-reads. With apologies to John, here are some facts and opinions on current events in the world of pro wrestling.

Fact: Sasha Banks' victory against Charlotte for the WWE Raw Women's Championship Oct. 3 marked the first time a women's singles match main-evented "Raw" since Trish Stratus faced Lita Dec. 6, 2004.

Opinion: Banks and Charlotte have had better matches against each other, but this one still lived up to the hype and will be talked about for years to come -- just like the Stratus-Lita match has been. No disrespect to Banks, who is an outstanding talent, but in this match Charlotte showed why she is the best all-around female performer in the business today. In addition to her obvious abundance of athleticism (her corkscrew moonsault to the floor was amazing), Charlotte's presence, facial expressions and emotional reaction after losing were all excellent. Her father, the legendary Ric Flair, must be incredibly proud of his daughter.

Fact: Speaking of Flair, he claimed on his radio show that he has had sex with "several dozen" celebrities, specifically naming actress Halle Berry as one of his conquests. "The Nature Boy" said he and Berry were intimate after her divorce from former baseball star David Justice (the divorce was finalized in 1997). Berry, through her publicist, said "The Nature Boy's claim is not true.

Opinion: Only Flair and Berry know for sure, but having heard the clip from "The Ric Flair Show," my gut feeling is "Slick Ric" is fibbing. Whether it's true or not, Flair succeeded in bringing attention to his radio program.

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