well back to hockey season

Today i'm  going to be talking about the New York Rangers. I  switched to hockey because the Toronto blue jays are out of the post season.   So back to hockey, my favorite hockey team is the new York rangers and last night they played the Boston bruins.  The Boston bruins scored the first and second goals of the game but the new York rangers pulled off a win. They won 5-2 and i thought the game was pretty good.

Their record is 5-2-0 and Bostons record is 3-4-0. 

I think they would go up to a six game winning streak as their next game is against the Carolina hurricanes and i think they will pull of a win.  The Rangers have 10 points and they are 4th or 5th  in the league.  That's all i have time for tonight.  Byeeeeeeeeeeeee.