Video: Tony Randazzo Injured

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Tony Randazzo left Friday's Reds-Giants game in the 14th inning, hours after the umpire was hit in the head by a 5th inning Johnny Cueto pitch.

With one out and one on (R2) in the top of the 5th inning, Reds batter Billy Hamilton showed bunt, before pulling the bat back as Giants catcher Buster Posey failed to catch a 91.1 miles-per-hour fastball from pitcher Cueto, resulting in a direct shot into the lower center portion of Randazzo's traditional-style mask, and wild pitch.

After receiving medical attention, Randazzo remained in the game; in the top of the 8th inning, with two out and one on (R1), Reds batter Joey Votto fouled an 84.1 miles-per-hour slider from Cueto into the dirt, whereupon the ball bounced into Randazzo's midsection; Randazzo remained in the game until the conclusion of the 13th inning.

Randazzo was replaced behind home plate by 2B Umpire Clint Fagan, while base umpires Gerry Davis (1B, Crew Chief) and Rob Drake (3B) officiated the field for the rest of the contest. Ryan Blakney replaced Randazzo on Saturday.