How to Buy Women’s Lacrosse Gloves

By Dexter S. Spear
Jan. 10, 2020

In fast-paced sports like Lacrosse, the players have to be particular about using the right gears and accessories- both for prowess in games and personal safety. and is even more applicable for the women's lacrosse players. To ensure, the hands remain safe and comfortable in the games, female lacrosse players need to invest in the right gloves.

The gloves not only protect fingers from accidental hits and falls but also from the chilling cold. If the fingers do not feel warm and comfortable - handling the stick can be hard! A pair of gloves help you grip the stick well, more so if the stick is textured.

How To Pick Suitable Lacrosse Gloves For Women

When you shop for lacrosse gloves for women, the range and abundance will leave you baffled. A lot of gloves may look quite similar! However, you need to compare the gloves on a few parameters. help will help you pick the apt ones.


The padding on lacrosse gloves is not very thick as using thicker padding will hinder mobility. However, the padding should be adequate to protect the fingers and palms. Foam padding is generally used but a few models also have gel padding.

Mesh and Ventilation

This is one aspect you have to be careful about. The gloves with mesh ensure breathability is not hampered. However, the models can have mesh positioned in different parts. You do not want sweat in the hands while playing or foul smell inside the gloves. The mesh can be on the sides of the fingers or at the back of the hands.

Fit and Grip

When buying lacrosse gloves- these are what you must look for. An ill-fitting glove set is the worst thing you can buy! The fit should be tight but not overly so. In any case, after wearing a few games, the gloves will get a little loosened. There are some gloves that are made with adjustable straps and that can be handy for tweaking the grip as per your needs.


The material of the glove has a direct impact on its price as well as performance. The palm material is what makes the difference- in this case. The gloves that have axe suede on the palm side will definitely cost you more than other gloves. Then there are a few models that have additional padding and layers for longevity. You should be able to clean the gloves without sending much time and effort. In lacrosse, the gears tend to get dirty.

Summing it up

Not all lacrosse players have same sized fingers and hands and so a glove set which is suited for a player may be a misfit for another- naturally. Before buying such gloves ensure you try them well. You may think of getting a glove set with additional vents or wider mesh if your palm area is prone to sweating a lot. When you wear the right type of gloves while playing Lacrosse, you feel confident and there is a reduced risk of injuries.