Montreal Canadiens training camp start tomorrow !

By JP12
Sep. 22, 2016

The Montreal Canadiens will start is training camp on the ice tomorrow morning in Brossard with some intra-squad games on the menu. The team will have 1 intra-squad game on each friday and saturday before another sunday at the Bell Centre this time. The team will then begin it's preseason calender on monday night against the New Jersey Devils at the Bell Centre. Note that all the players where there this morning for the physical tests apart Carey Price, Shea Weber, Max Pacioretty, Tomas Plekanec, Andrei Markov and Alexei Emelin which are still in Toronto for the World Cup of Hockey. In the case of Pacioretty and Plekanec they should be back in MTL this weekend because their team was eliminated from the semifinals games. USA and Czech Republic will finish their tournament against each other tonight. For the others players, it will probably go to next week.

Here the complete schedule for the next days :

Training Camp Schedule (Sept. 22-25) :

Friday, September 23:

10 a.m. Practice (Group A)

11 a.m. Game A vs B

12:15 p.m. Practice (Group B)

Saturday, September 24:

10 a.m. Practice (Group B)

11 a.m. Game A vs B

12:15 p.m. Practice (Group A)

Sunday, September 25:

1 p.m. Game Reds vs Whites (Bell Centre)