LaVar Has Always Been This Way

So, on First Take today with Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman, LaVar Ball, father of UCLA star Lonzo Ball, said he is better than Michael Jordan. No, not Lonzo Ball, he's talking about himself. The same guy who has about the same amount of NBA points as Michael Jordan did when he played for the Chicago White Sox, the same guy who never amounted to anything professionally in basketball, yes, he thinks he can beat Michael Jordan one on one. -_-

I agree with Stephen A. Smith 100% on this one, that is blasphemous if he really means that. It's beyond blasphemous. On a lesser note, he says UCLA would be worse and Golden State would be better if Lonzo swapped with the MVP of the past two seasons, Stephen Curry. Are his high school kids able to do that too at this point? Could they be as good as Curry when they are 10? Like how much more can you stretch?

Sure, Golden State wouldn't be awful if you swapped Lonzo Ball with Steph Curry, but they would drop beneath the Spurs for sure, and probably be around where the Memphis Grizzlies or LA Clippers are. UCLA would have won the Pac-12 and been a one-seed with Steph Curry. Lonzo Ball hasn't played against physical point guards like Russell Westbrook, or any guards that are more experienced than Dylan Ennis of Oregon.

The thing is, what LaVar is doing is trying to promote his sons, trying to make them bigger just in case their careers go sideways they have something else to fall back on, and it's working. He behaved the same way last year, two years ago, 10 years ago. Nobody was "afraid" of drafting Lonzo then because "daddy" would be bugging the GM or owner or whoever, and just because the media has made this bigger than it needs to be doesn't mean that it just started. Ask UCLA head coach Steve Alford, or the high school coach of his sons, or anybody else if LaVar behaved this way before, and I promise you they will say yes.