20 years, 20 drafts, and from 1995 all the way through 2014, hindsight is a virtue. I am re-drafting the lottery picks from every draft since the '95 season all the way through 2014, making it a full 20 years of perfect hindsight. Some things to remember is the lottery didn't go to 14 teams until 2005, and that for the years closer to the present, I am only basing this off of current events, and not on projections. I also don't care which team selected who when, this is just a ranking of the best players.

1) SG Kobe Bryant, Lower Merion (HS)

Accomplishments: 5x Champion, 2x Gold Medal, 2x Finals MVP, MVP, 18x All-Star, 11x All-NBA 1st, 9x All-NBA 1st

There were a lot of second teams and third teams for when he didn't get the first team honors, and for a guy who didn't even get in the lottery, this shows a lot. He was a high school player which is probably why, but he clearly was the best in this class, and maybe of the between Jordan and LeBron generation.

2) G Allen Iverson, Georgetown

Accomplishments: MVP, 11x All-Star, 2x All-Star MVP, 3x All-NBA 1st, All-Rookie 1st

He has quite a few second teams as well, and in most drafts, Iverson would be one of the top players if not the top player drafted in a redo. But with Kobe in his class, Iverson will have to settle being drafted one spot lower than he was originally. Iverson was also a superstar of that generation, and he gives the best one-two punch in a draft since Jordan and Hakeem Olajuwon.

3) PG Steve Nash, Santa Clara

Accomplishments: 2x MVP, 8x All-Star, 2x All-NBA 2nd, 2x All-NBA 3rd

Yeah, Steve Nash has as many MVP's as the two guys ahead of him combined, and yet he has no first team honors. A lot of people believe that Nash should have never won his MVP's during Bryant's prime, but he was part of some really exciting basketball with the Phoenix Suns, and before that, with Dirk Nowitzki and Dallas.

4) SG Ray Allen, Connecticut

Accomplishments: 2x NBA Champion, Gold Medal, 10x All-Star, All-NBA 2nd, All-NBA 3rd

Ray Allen is still the all-time leader in three point field goals made, and while that likely won't last with Stephen Curry hot on his trail, it shows his worth. He won two rings (Boston and Miami) and made the shot to tie a game 6 that if he missed, he wouldn't have won a championship. Ray had a great career, and will be remembered for his time in Boston mostly.

5) F/C Jermaine O'Neal, Eau Claire (HS)

Accomplishments: 6x All-Star, MIP, All-NBA 2nd, 2x All-NBA 3rd

This class is stacked, and O'Neal was the main cog in the Pacers' powerhouse of the early 2000's. As a team, they didn't really live up to expectations, but O'Neal averaged over 19 PPG six years in a row during a time when he wasn't the most dominant O'Neal (no relation). He eventually became a role player for contending NBA rosters, although he never got over the championship hump.

6) C Marcus Camby, Massachusetts

Accomplishments: DPOY, 2x All-Defensive 1st, 2x All-Defensive 2nd, All-Rookie 1st

Camby was the best true center in this class, and also was the best defensive big man. While Camby didn't live up to his 2nd overall expectations, he still was a good player for many years and would likely make the fictional D-League version of the Hall of Fame.

7) PG Stephon Marbury, Abraham Lincoln (HS)

Accomplishments: 2x All-Star, 2x All-NBA 3rd, All-Rookie 1st

Somehow he made the All-Rookie team in this class, being as guard heavy as it is, but overall Marbury had a solid career in the NBA, most notably with the Knicks. I believe he is still turning heads in China, but overall he was one of the best point guards of the early 2000's.

8) SF Peja Stojakovic, Yugoslavia

Accomplishments: NBA Champion, 3x All-Star, All-NBA 2nd

Stojakovic was drafted before it was cool to take foreign players, and now he is one of the pioneers for many current players abroad looking to come to the NBA. Stojakovic was most notably a sharpshooter, and he was a part of the Sacramento Kings when they were good although he never won a ring until his arrival in Dallas.

9) SF Antoine Walker, Kentucky

Accomplishments: NBA Champion, 3x All-Star, All Rookie 1st

This is definitely one of the best draft classes of all time, with so many All-Star appearances. Walker was most noted for his tenure in Boston, scoring a ton next to Paul Pierce, but he was not a part of that Celtics' 2008 championship. He actually won the 2006 ring with Shaq, D-Wade and the Miami Heat.

10) PG Derek Fisher, University of Little Rock

Accomplishments: 5x NBA Champion

Yep, those rings coincide with Kobe Bryant's five rings, and although some players behind him had better individual careers, I have to put a 5x champion ahead of the rest of the field. Fisher also was one of the most clutch players of his generation.

11) C Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Lithuania

Accomplishments: 2x All-Star, All-Rookie 1st

He was a big part of the Cleveland Cavaliers before LeBron James' return in 2014, and he had a nice career overall. He did have those All-Star appearances, but he mostly was an underrated big man.

12) PF Shareef Abdur-Rahim, California

Accomplishments: Gold Medal, All-Star, All-Rookie 1st

Shareef played on some pretty bad teams in Vancouver, Atlanta and Sacramento, but his individual numbers showed that he was worthy of a high selection. Unfortunately, the 11 players above him were on better teams and a lot of them had longer, better careers.

13) SG Kerry Kittles, Villanova

Accomplishments: All-Rookie 2nd

Kittles was on those New Jersey Nets teams with Jason Kidd when they went to the Finals a couple of times, and was what we consider now to be a three and D player. His career was not very long, although he does have a career average of 14 PPG.

OTHERS: Lorenzen Wright, Erick Dampier, Tony Delk, Othella Harrington, Malik Rose