RIP 2017 Charlotte Hornets

NBA: Boston Celtics at Charlotte Hornets

There was a lot of buzz in the queen city earlier this season, a ton of hype. And honestly, I don't really know or understand what happened to this team. Bringing in the wasteland contract Miles Plumlee has was a terrible trade, even though it did help them get rid of Roy Hibbert and Spencer Hawes, and that might be the most significant thing they did this season. They just don't have enough playmakers aside from Kemba Walker to make the playoffs.

DRAFT PICKS: Both of their original selections

CAP SPACE: -$12,191

FREE AGENTS: PG Brian Roberts


C-Frank Kaminsky, Miles Plumlee, Cody Zeller

PF-Johnny O'Bryant, Marvin Williams, Christian Wood

SF-Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Jeremy Lamb

SG-Nicolas Batum, Marco Belinelli, Treveon Graham

PG-Ramon Sessions, Kemba Walker, Briante Weber


I don't really know what to expect, because I don't really know what went wrong. They have good veterans, good young players, and a superstar in Kemba Walker to go alongside a two-way force in Nicolas Batum. Honestly, this team and the Washington Wizards should be in opposite positions. I'm guessing they will try to acquire more depth and star power.


I'd expect this team to bounce back, because I don't believe that their record defines who they are (have I said that yet???). A real power forward or shooting guard to push Marvin Williams to the bench would help, but other than that there isn't much they can really do here. Expect to see Charlotte in the postseason next year.