Why the Clippers won the CP3 Trade

By Landon Prosch
Jun. 29, 2017

So that's how teams are going to try and beat Golden State? As teams gear up to try and take out the Warriors this summer it begs the question, how far are teams going to go to attempt to be competitive?

I am not a fan of the biggest blockbuster trade so far this summer. I think Paul going to the Rockets is a monumental mistake for James Harden. Harden needs the ball in his hand to be the play maker that we saw last year, and by having him relegated to a shooting guard without the ability to bring the ball down the floor is not going to go over well in the long run for him.

What's an even bigger mistake is that Paul is an oft injured aging vet (32), who just signed a 5 year deal with Houston, and the Rockets Gave up 7 players including, Lou Williams, Sam Dekker, Patrick Beverley, Montrez Harrell, and some other pieces plus cash to acquire him. So not only did the Clippers get younger, create more cap room, and rid themselves of an old guard, but they also helped reboot their franchise with enough young pieces to make more moves and potentially go after Lebron in 2018.

The Clippers have their foundation, the Rockets do not, sure they have the guy who I think should have won MVP this year, but this only makes their window open for a year or two. With aging guys like Paul, Nene, Trevor Ariza on this roster, how long do you actually think they will be able to compete with a team in it's prime like Golden State?

I know the league is panicking about how long the Warriors could dominate for, but making moves like this is just silly.