Best Fits for Top 2020 NBA Unrestricted Free Agents

By Luke Ervin
May. 29, 2020

The 2020 free agency class has been overlooked by the excitement of the loaded 2021 free agency class. While it's true that the 2021 class features more superstar talent, the 2020 class still has something to offer. While we wait for the 2019-2020 NBA season to resume, I thought it would be fun to look at the best fits for five 2020 unrestricted free agents.

1.) Anthony Davis

Best Fits: Lakers, Celtics, Bulls

Davis is obviously the best player in this year's free-agent class. While it's almost a certainty Davis signs back with the Lakers, Davis would also fit perfectly with the roster of the Celtics. Davis on the Celtics, would push them over the hump and help them challenge the Bucks in the East. Davis would also be a good fit for the Bulls. Davis could help lead his hometown of Chicago back to being a contender. Ultimately, Davis will resign with the Lakers. The real question is for how long.

2.) Fred VanVleet

Best Fits: Suns, Pistons, Knicks

I see VanVleet getting a big-money deal and leaving the Raptors this offseason. A rebuilding team will be the most likely to make a big-money offer for VanVleet. He's an underrated player who really shined in the postseason last year. The Suns have been searching for a point guard for years. Adding VanVleet to the mix could help them contend for a playoff spot. I could also see VanVleet heading to Detroit. The Pistons are in full rebuild mode after trading Andre Drummond for nothing. A lot of money and a big role could be enticing for VanVleet. The Knicks can also offer VavVleet a big contract and a big role. The Knicks aren't close to a playoff spot yet, but VanVleet at least gives them something to work with. No matter where VanVleet ends up going, he'll have his chance to shine as a starting point guard.

3.) Montrezl Harrell

Best Fits: Celtics, Hornets, Clippers

Harrell is likely to demand a big contract when free agency rolls around. Although the Celtics won't have a lot of cap space, Harrell would solve their rebounding problems. The Celtics need another big. The Hornets are the more likely scenario seeing as they have tons of cap space and no real center. Right now, Cody Zeller is the Hornets starting center. Harrell would be a huge upgrade. Harrell won't put you in contention but he's a nice player to have for the future. A Devonte Graham and Montrezl Harrell pick and roll could be entertaining to watch. The best on the court fit is the Clippers. Harrell has worked perfectly off the bench. Harrell and Lou Williams off the bench automatically gives you one of the deepest teams in the NBA. The problem is, with so much money tied up in Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, Patrick Beverley, and Williams, I'm not sure they can afford him. Obviously, if money wasn't an issue Harrell should stay with the Clippers, but the Hornets seem the most likely destination.

4.) Andre Drummond

Best Fits: Cavaliers, Mavericks, Warriors

Drummond's style of play at the center position is a dying breed. He's still a valuable player to have, but the value isn't as high as it once was. Drummond will most likely stick around Cleveland after the Cavaliers traded for him earlier this season. Whether it's through the player option or a new contract, the Cavalerirs obviously want Drummond around. The hope is Drummond can help further the development of Darius Garland and Collin Sexton. While a return to Clevland is likely, there are some other basketball fits that make sense for Drummond. The Mavericks are one piece away from being real contenders in the West. Drummond could be that piece. Putting Drummond next to Porzingis in the frontcourt would be a great fit. While everything looks good basketball-wise, the salary cap would likely put a hold on this potential fit. The Mavericks would need to pull off a sign and trade with the Cavaliers for this to work. Hopefully, nobody forgot about the Warriors. They'll be back in 2020. Drummond on the Warriors would give them the best center they've had in years. An already good defensive team (when healthy) would become even better with Drummond and Draymond Green in the frontcourt. Unfortunately, like the Mavericks this won't happen without a sign and trade with the Cavaliers. The move makes a ton of sense but likely won't happen.

5.) Danillo Gallinari

Best Fits: Heat, 76ers, Thunder

Gallinari is the most underrated player in this free agency class. He's not a star, but he brings you all-star numbers. Gallinari would be a great addition to a contending team. The Heat seem to be destined to acquire Gallinari after nearly trading for him at the trade deadline. The match is perfect. The Heat could use another floor-spacing big to compliment Bam Adebayo. Another automatic scorer is exactly what would help put the Heat over the top. The money would work if Gallinari is willing to sign a short term contract, allowing the Heat to stay flexible for the 2021 free agency. The 76ers would also be a nice fit for Gallinari. The 76ers desperately need more shooting to add to the roster. Ben Simmons is a great player, but the spacing on this team really holds them back. Gallinari would fix a lot of those issues. The 76ers would need to work out some sort of sign and trade for this to work but it's a good fit on the basketball court. Lastly, why not just stay where you're at? Gallinari has been great with the Thunder. After being to be one of the worst in the NBA, Gallinari and the group assembled by the Thunder are 5th in the East. Staying with the Thunder makes sense.