Melo's 45 not enough, Knicks lose in quadruple overtime

By Mac Josephson
Jan. 31, 2017

In what has been a month filled with excruciating losses the Knicks finished up their nightmare January with a 142-139 quadruple overtime loss to the Hawks. Carmelo Anthony went off for 45 points on 50% shooting, but it wasn't enough before he fouled out in the second OT. Kristaps Porzingis also fouled out for his league leading fifth time as did Joakim Noah and Kyle O'Quinn. 

The Knicks have found just about every way imaginable to lose in heartbreaking fashion this season and added a four overtime loss to that on Sunday. The Knicks' loss wasn't for a lack of effort as they gave everything they had for 68 minutes. They hit game tying shots at the end of regulation, the first overtime and double OT each with under 10 seconds left. The first two were by Melo and the third was an incredible three point shot from Courtney Lee with under three seconds left in double OT. 

Throughout the game the officiating was very questionable which was fully displayed with a no call on Melo's game tying layup at the end of regulation. With Paul Millsap draped all over him Melo still managed to get to the hoop to sink the contested layup. Melo was clearly fouled multiple times on the drive, once before the shot by Millsap and then during when he fouled Melo with the body. Before his game tying shot to send it to double OT Melo's headband was knocked off by Tim Hardaway. I don't know how a player's headband can get knocked off without a foul being called, but again Melo made the shot anyway. The Knicks have nobody to blame but themselves for the most part when it comes to their January collapse. However, they haven't caught a single break during all this losing. The Knicks have had six losses by one possession this month with all of them coming on the last possession of the game. Even last night the Knicks had one more shot to tie the game when Courtney Lee got a great look before hitting the back of the rim as time expired. 

The Knicks are not a good basketball team. That's been made very clear by going 7-18 in their last 25 games. But despite their poor play during that stretch this team could be a .500 basketball team if they could just catch a damn break every once in a while. I understand that in the end these losses are on the players and their lack of late game execution, but luck has not been on their side in the month of January. They're 5-11, but as I stated before six of those losses have come on the final possession. Two have been buzzer beaters, one came on an in and out three from Melo and another came after four overtimes. 

Let's not forget all the drama that surrounds this team on a daily basis. Earlier in the month Derrick Rose abandoned his team before a game to fly to Chicago without notifying anyone. Kristaps Porzingis has missed seven games with an achilles injury in January. Every day new rumors fly on the future of Carmelo Anthony and their President Phil Jackson still hasn't said a word to the media regarding any of this. I give this team credit for not completely crumbling and getting blown out of games like we've seen Knicks' teams in the past. Unlike earlier this month, this team is still going out their putting fourth the effort needed to win games. You have to think that if they continue to do so, things might finally turn their way and possibly sneak into the playoffs. This team still has plenty of talent to win and their's more than enough time left in the season to turn things around.

I know I sound luck a bitter Knicks fan (which is probably true), but this Knicks' team, and Carmelo Anthony deserve better.