Every Writer Needs Author Websites

By MacMillan Design
Dec. 23, 2019

If you have written a book, you have worked a lot on it and you expect your efforts to be recognised and applauded. However, given how many books are being written these days, carving your niche isn't that easy. There are a lot many authors, trying to grab the limelight and often they have written an equally good book. Thus, you, as a new author face a stiff competition. Then comes into the consideration a bigger question, who will notice you amongst or ignoring the established writers?

These questions can be somehow answered by presenting your book to the target audience in a systematic and professional manner. Firstly, you need a website and a professional and specific type of website for that. Those are being called author websites these days and these websites try to gain as many eyeballs as possible for the author.

Great author websites have a few unique feature which aren't generally seen in other websites. The author website is dedicated completely towards one book. In case the author has written multiple books, the focus is then on the author so all his works can be amplified. The website also brings forth the positive reviews or critical reviews the work has received so the visitor to the website can know what the world is thinking about the book. The website offers excerpts from the book for the visitors to become curious. Finally, the website offers the complete package of purchasing the book and shipping it as well.