Questions? and Answers

This week, the sports world left us with plenty questions to be answered, and some answers were left without question. The answers without question started with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Pittsburgh went out and made a couple crucial moves to stay in contention with the Patriots in the AFC. The Steelers are to retain their "killer bee" motto in the upcoming NFL season. Antonio Brown is now the highest paid Wide Reciever in the NFL, with reason. The receiver signed a 4yr / 68 million dollar deal. Over the past two NFL seasons, Brown has averaged 1200 plus receiving yards, 10 plus receiving touchdowns, and reeling in over 100 plus receptions. Also, the steelers will also have the top back in the NFL behind the Hall of Famer, Ben Roethlisberger. No Antonio Brown money Bell will be getting, but he will get the franchise tag in hopes for a future long-term deal with the Steelers. James Harrison, also signed a 2-year deal to stay in the steel city. On the other hand, questions are the key to answers, and an intriguing question I have is, where will Adrian Peterson sign? The 31-year old will be a free agent after spending the last 10 seasons with the Minnesota Vikings, and needless to say, he wants out! AP has to go to an instant contender, and he has to go now. I believe a place like the Carolina Panthers could be beneficial. The Panthers are one season removed from the Super Bowl. They are a run-first team and then you have an MVP, duel threat quarterback like Cam Newton, handing the ball off to Adrian Peterson, that would be a sight to see. Now, on to a team that everyone seems to talk about, The Dallas Cowboys. The move for Adrian Peterson to go there seems to be the more realistic option. Already having a top Running Back in the league in Ezekiel Elliot I don't see why you would add Adrian Peterson in that mix. Also adding the extra pressure of negative headlines with the caliber of players those two are it could take the limelight away from their future tailback, Zek. Then again Dallas loves to hit the air waves. So, plenty of questions, more answers. What is next? Think about it. Now, go to bed knuckleheads.