By Margaret Wilson
Feb. 19, 2020

Vaping in Today's World: New Status

The role of vaping is increasingly significant in modern society. According to the latest data, each year vaping gathers more and more people as a hobby. The reason for this is its accessibility, popularity, fun, and variability in flavors.

Vaping has become more than an individual hobby. These days, it is the culture that people of different ages, nationalities, races, and gender are following. This culture is the culture of having rest, relaxing, entertaining, and pod vapes.

Vapers and Non-vapers: any parameters?

People expect that vaping can substitute other pleasures of life. Some people vape not to make a report for an irritating boss, some not to get ready for an exam — the reasons vary, but they are always an escape from bitter reality.

There exist some categories of people that seem to have no right to vape. It sounds at least discriminating, but society loves judging and stereotyping. Professional sportspeople are ones, who belong to this category of 'non-vapers by definition'.

Unfortunately, the truth is that most of us are to some extent dependent on the opinion of society. Even those, who would like to try vaping never do it because of possible negative labels. At the same time, sportspeople have some objective reasons not to do so.

Healthy Lifestyle: Causes to Follow

The real objective reasons for a sportsperson not to vape include, firstly, the harm to physical health that even the vapingdaily best pod vape can do. All the systems of the human body are affected by vaping to some extent. This is due to the chemical composition of the liquid, the method of its consumption, the intensity of vaping, and some other parameters.

Firstly and most evidently, the respiratory system suffers from vaping. The vapor is provided in high temperatures, which can irritate and damage the airways. Some of the flavors are more aggressive, some are less, but sooner or later, a vaper has a high chance to end up with popcorn lungs. Cough, dry mouth, bronchitis, and other respiratory problems are the first steps in facing the outcomes of vaping.

Secondly, both male and female’s reproductive system gets harm from vaping. Nicotine and other chemicals are severely difficult to cope with for the reproductive system. In fact, some elements of the substance that you pour on your refillable pod vape can affect sperm. For instance<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer nofollow">, the bubble gum flavor can kill a number of cells in the testicles, while cinnamon flavor diminishes sperm motility.

For females, it takes much more time to get conceived and to implant an embryo in the uterus. While pregnancy, the chemicals from vapor can negatively affect a fetus’s long-term health, weight, and metabolism in case the mother is an active or passive vaper. Vaping can also be a reason for deviations and illnesses for a newly born baby.

Thirdly, bones, joints, and tissues can get inflamed while or after vaping. This happens because of the distortion of immune protection. Vapers can feel different sorts of pain. Solely this can be an obstacle in exercising. Bones become more fragile and a person can easily fracture an arm, a leg, or any other bone. Tissues can trigger delayed onset muscle soreness even if the burden has been not too heavy and the exercises have been familiar.

These are not the only systems that are getting damaged while vaping, but these are ones that are the most important and fragile. The main element that makes harm to systems is nicotine. Propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine, the other constituents of a vape juice might be dangerous as well. However, because of the to-date research it is accepted to believe that various flavors even for the best pod vapes are the most salutary. Even the<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer nofollow"> want to ban a range of vape flavors because of their being nocuous.

Professional Sport vs Vaping: Any Effects?

Being a professional sportsperson requires certain sacrifices of time, priorities, and way of life. A person, who is professionally in sport has to train regularly, to stick to a special diet, to sleep a determined number of hours, avoid emotional stress, and so on. One of these requirements is a healthy lifestyle, meaning no bad practices, including nicotine consumption.

For sure, even the best pod system vape that uses vape juice with zero nicotine liquid can still damage some systems of the organism, so doctors and trainers recommend no vape usage at all. As it was mentioned before, a dry mouse, lack of air in the lungs, and other possible changes can drastically damage the health and results of a sportsperson.

The other point that sportspeople are afraid of is the addiction. The best pod mods can have a number of tanks to attach. These tanks can be used for different substances, but the vape juice. This might include shudders, waxes, dry herbs and more. The danger is that some people consume marijuana with the help of the vaping devices and not only for medical purposes.

Sometimes people are forced to use pod vapes for medical purposes. Except for marijuana, you can also vape valerian, mint lemon, chamomile, and other herms for relaxation, pain relief, or other symptoms treatment. Vaping as the process of inhaling might be a medical procedure but still is harmful to some organs because of its intensity or hot temperatures.

Vaping can cause an addiction. Some people get addicted just to the habit to put something into a mouth and receiving a pleasant smell and warm vapor. In this case, it becomes even more difficult to fight pod vapes, because they become a part of a person’s lifestyle.

Vaping and Keeping Fit

Some people doubt that they can stop using their pod vapes and be in good shape. The reason for this question appearance is the stereotype that nicotine consumption helps to keep fit and slim. In fact, many of those, who have given up smoking, have faced a challenge to control their weight.

However, a great part of these cases is linked to the fact that the majority of non-smokers use food as a substitution for the bad practice. The stuff themselves with candies, carrots, or cakes.

To sum up, when being a professional sportsperson, it is important to keep to a diet and avoid bad practices as they can influence the stance of your health and undermine your professional success.