Breaking News: Goldberg defeats Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series

By marquelaries
Nov. 21, 2016


Tonight was one of WWE's main pay per view events, Survivor Series. Survivor Series is one of the four main pay per views by the WWE (Summerslam, Wrestlemania and Royal rumble are the other three). Traditional matches took place throughout the four hour show and it was great to see.

It was a great event headlined by the main event Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg. The match took place at about 10:17 and ended less than five minutes later. That's right if you went to the bathroom at any point, you basically missed the whole match. Matter of fact, the entrances for both Goldberg and Brock Lesnar was longer than the actual match.

Brock Lesnar didn't get any offense in as he was dominated by Goldberg from start to finish. Goldberg hit him with two spears and a jackhammer (both of his finishers). 1-2-3! Match is over. Goldberg ends the show with his celebration, which was also longer than the match.


I'm kind of shocked! I didn't expect the match to be a grueling 20 minute match but for the buildup I would've expected more than three minutes. Also, never thought I'd see Lesnar get dominated like that or put over Goldberg so easily, but that's just me.

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