NBA: Are the Los Angeles Clippers legit?

The Los Angeles Clippers are off to one of their best starts of the NBA season as they only suffered their second loss last night. The Clippers are currently 10-2 and are currently the best team in the NBA. It will be determined to see if they end the season as the top team in the West, but as of right now, are they legit?

Behind Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, the Clippers were always a contending team. Many people picked the Clippers to contend with the Golden State Warriors to battle for the right to go to the NBA Finals. Of course after Kevin Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder that is. But did people really expect them to be this good this early?

Yes, the NBA season is young and the Clippers are only 12 games in, but they look good so far. Their defense is looking elite, Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are putting up their usual numbers, but their bench has brought them a lot of depth. Maureese Speights, who was an off season acquisition, is averaging close to 10 points per game as he's been an offensive spark for them off the bench.

The Clippers, however, need to pass the ball more as even though the offense is fine right now, after Chris Paul's 8 assists per game the closest is 2.4 by Jamal Crawford. Nonetheless, that seems to be working for them right now.

The Clippers haven't had the hardest of opponents, but they are playing well and they are legit contenders in the West. They have the capabilities to defeat the Warriors in a series and their only main concern in injuries. We will have to see when they face the Warriors or the San Antonio Spurs for a real test, but it's safe to say that the Clippers are a championship contender.

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