NBA: Are the Warriors the greatest offensive team of all time?

By marquelaries
Nov. 24, 2016

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

?The Golden State Warriors boasts two of the top three players in the NBA in Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant (arguably the two best scorers), an all around role player in Draymond Green, and the second best shooter in the NBA behind the first player that I mentioned. So it's safe to say that the Warriors can put up some points, but are they the best offensive team we've ever seen?? They might end up the greatest offensive team ever.

Warriors' three core players are getting their numbers

The Warriors main concern heading into the season was whether or not they would be able to play together with just one ball. But the scary thing is that everyone's average is staying the same. Kevin Durant is averaging 27 points per game, Stephen Curry is averaging 26 and Klay Thompson 20.6. Curry dropped off a little bit, but not so much where it's a problem. That's a well oiled offensive team when the three scorers are averaging 73 points together.

The Ball is moving

The Warriors are currently on a nine game streak (the second highest in NBA history) of 30 assists or more. The best way to determine a high octane offense is to evaluate the fluidity and motion of the offense and the Warriors are flowing on offense. Against the Los Angeles Lakers, the Warriors registered 47 assists and also scored 149 points (that's not a typo, more on that in a minute).

47 assists for the entire game while Curry and Draymond Green combined for 20 assists/1 turnover is the definition of a perfect offense. Warriors might end up getting the assists record but it's their scoring that's been impressive.

Warriors put up 149 points

Just to be clear, this is a regular season game in November. Not the Olympics, preseason scrimmage or All Star Game. It's insane to think that a team could score 149, but the crazy thing is that the Warriors missed over 10 free throws. Could've easily scored over 150. With the Cavaliers scoring 135 earlier that night, I went to bed thinking that would be the highest point total of the night, but I was mistaken.

The thing is the Warriors have had high point totals all season and they haven't found their groove yet. Thompson has been struggling and so have Curry at times. The Warriors scored 149, but none of the players had a high point game. Curry had 31 and he was the highest scorer while Durant and Thompson each scored mid 20's. Hell Draymond Green didn't even score double digits. Who knows how much they would score if one of the players really went off.

By the end of the season, the Warriors may be the best offensive team of all time. They score at will, with ease, and move the ball around efficiently. All the stars on the team can put up high scoring numbers with limited shot attempts. It's a thing of beauty to watch and if they keep it up, they will break records.

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