NBA: Can Lakers Luke Walton win coach of the year?

By marquelaries
Nov. 13, 2016

Luke Walton
The Los Angeles Lakers have started the season 6-4 and are playing great basketball. Already boasting blowouts against the Golden State Warriors and New Orleans Pelicans, their coach, Luke Walton, is a great reason for their success. Walton was the assistant coach for the Warriors last season and is in his first year as head coach with the Lakers. He has implemented a new offense that has seemed to be working so far. If the Lakers keep this up, will he win coach of the year?


Lakers are better than last year

The Los Angeles Lakers are already better than they were last season and it hasn't even been a full month of basketball. The Lakers started out 5-27 last season and were headed into the lottery by January. Well it's only November and they already have surpassed that 5 win total from the start of last season. It's almost safe to say that the Lakers will make significant improvements from last year's total win of 17. I mean they're only 11 wins away.

Luke Walton increases productivity 

The Lakers are playing well as a team, but the players are playing well individually. D'angelo Russell is having a great sophomore season, but Julius Randle is looking more comfortable with each passing game. Nick Young has returned to being instant offense and the Lakers defense looks impressive for a young squad.

If the Lakers manage to get themselves into the playoffs, then Luke Walton will definitely be coach of the year. It's very early, but with the way the Lakers have been playing, he's a candidate for the award.

What are your thoughts? Can Luke Walton win coach of the year? Comment below and thanks for reading!