NBA: Charles Barkley takes a shot at ESPN

By marquelaries
Nov. 04, 2016

If you didn't stay up to watch Inside the NBA on TNT, you sure as hell missed a lot. The TNT crew has jokes for days and last night nothing was funnier than Charles Barkley's jokes about ESPN. Take a listen below (taken by Twitter user @notscwill).

The meme that eventually followed was even more hilarious as they showed Charles Barkley on ESPN Deportes speaking Spanish. Muy Bien Gracias. Priceless.

ESPN has always been criticize for working their talent to the bone as Stephen A. Smith always talks about how he's always on the road. Which is funny because during last nights' Inside the NBA, Kenny "the Jet" Smith stated that he don't know how Stephen A. does it.

Nonetheless it was just jokes, but it was funny as hell. TNT crew is known for their humor, which is why Inside the NBA is one of the best sports segments out there.

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