NBA: Kevin Durant comments on Stephen Curry's shoes

By marquelaries
Sep. 22, 2016

Kevin Durant was recently on Bill Simmons' show, Any Given Wednesday, in which he discussed several topics including the decision to join the Golden State Warriors. Durant sat down with rapper Nas and had a discussion that was very similar to barbershop talk. Well, while discussing several topics, Bill Simmons asked him about the Stephen Curry shoes that was the laughing stock of Twitter for a few months. Here is what Kevin Durant had to say!

So I guess you can add Kevin Durant to the list of people who have jokes on Stephen Curry shoes. Now I must admit, those were the most plain shoes I have ever seen in my life and the jokes were hilarious. Some have compared the Stephen Curry shoes to gardening shoes while others have compared them to nursing shoes. My mother is a nurse and she definitely has a pair that look a whole lot like the Curry's haha!

Nonetheless, the rest of the interview with Simmons was great. Kevin Durant spoke on how he didn't care if the critics liked his decision to go to Golden State because they never cared about him as a person. He also spoke on his relationship with Russell Westbrook, but regardless of what he says, their relationship is volatile.

The interview with Bill Simmons was great and Nas presence made it for a good show. HBO usually runs shows over in a day or two so if you can check it out! Thanks for reading!