NBA: Stephen A. Smith says Kevin Durant took a shot at OKC?

By marquelaries
Oct. 06, 2016

The Kevin Durant vs. Stephen A. Smith saga continued Thursday as Stephen A. Smith had more to say on Kevin Durant going to the Warriors. Stephen A. Smith has seemed to be obsessed with this topic as he has spoken about it almost every day this week. Kevin Durant recently made some comments on how it was like playing with the Golden State Warriors and fitting into their culture.

“I’m used to going into practice and having it a certain way,” he said. “These guys around here are super loose. But disciplined at the same time. It’s just a fun brand. They make basketball just even more fun than it was.”

“Everybody is super-focused, but they realize that we’re playing a game and you’re supposed to enjoy it,” Durant said. “It’s great for me. Especially for someone who is just used to always being drill sergeant with what I do. To relax a little bit, let my hair hang a little bit has been fun.”

"It's not a knock on Oklahoma City," Durant said. "It's not a knock on my past teammates or that organization. ... I mean it's different here. It's fun here. It's fun playing where I was before but that book is closed."

Now in hindsight, it does seem like KD is implying that he did not have much fun in OKC (especially considering the fact that he's only been in Golden State for about three months). Well Stephen A. Smith and the gang at ESPN First Take spoke about Kevin Durant's recent comments and how it would be perceived. Check out Smith's comments below.

[Stephen A. thinks Durant took a shot at the Thunder - ESPN Video]

The first thing that came to mind was, let it go Stephen A. We understand that it wasn't the strongest move for Kevin Durant to leave OKC for the 73-9 Warriors, but what's done is done and it is time to move on.

Now Smith's comments were right though. Anything Kevin Durant says is going to be interpreted as a shot at OKC considering the way he left and the tension that was allegedly there between him and Russell Westbrook. Then you have to take into consideration that Westbrook has been vocal about Kevin Durant not telling him that he was going to leave. It just makes anything Durant says about OKC seem like he wasn't happy there.

Durant should just cool off with the comments about how great Golden State is. For one, you just got there and two, it's just making him more disliked amongst the fans because of how he left OKC.

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