NBA: Stephen Curry does the mannequin challenge

By marquelaries
Nov. 18, 2016

The mannequin challenge has been very popular over the last few months and several NBA players have participated in it. For those of you who do not know, the mannequin challenge is where several people stay perfectly still (like a mannequin) for a duration of time. Usually it's between 15-45 seconds, but the longer the video the more impressive it is. Lebron James recently completed his version at the White House with first lady Michelle Obama during their presidential visit. Other NBA players have done it as well, including the Warriors' Stephen Curry. Check out the video below.

This was one of the better mannequin challenges that I have seen so far, especially since it had a room full of people. Pretty sure they will be more NBA stars doing these over the next month or so (unless this new fad dies quickly) and there will be a lot of curiosity as to who is going to do it next.

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