NBA: Why Draymond Green needs to be suspended

By marquelaries
Dec. 04, 2016

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Draymond Green is a fantastic versatile forward for the Golden State Warriors. He's a walking triple double and is arguably the heart and soul of the Warriors. But with that being said, sometimes his actions on he court can get him in trouble. 

By now, most NBA fans are aware of the flailing of his legs whenever he receives contact as he was recently suspended in the NBA finals this past June. One would've thought that Green would've learned his lesson but the incidents stil like continues. He needs to be suspended and here's why.

Draymond Green needs to understand 

Typically, I have defense Green's actions by stating that if he played in the 90s it would be a non issue and that today's NBA is just soft. 

However, last nights kick against the Phoenix Suns made me had enough. First of all, the kick was unnecessary. It was extra and didn't need to happen. Second, Green ended up injuring the opposing player. See when that stuff happens actions need to be taken so that he understands that he cannot keep doing this.

To prevent another NBA Finals incident 

Regardless of what you think of the NBA's decision to suspend Draymond Green in game five of the NBA finals, it shouldn't have happen. Green shouldn't even allowed it to get that far. Maybe if the NBA suspend him early he will get his act together in time to have a competitive and exciting Finals.

Draymond needs to understand that he cannot keep doing this and he cost his team last year and doesn't need to do so again this year.

The NBA should send a message to Green whether by fine or suspension and hopefully he gets the message and improves.

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