NBA: Why Knicks players meeting with Phil Jackson was important

By marquelaries
Nov. 21, 2016

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

?The New York Knicks and Phil Jackson have seemed to be on two different planets since he's arrived in New York. Players and media have been confused about where he's leading the team and they are finally looking for answers. 

According to Ian Begley, "Phil Jackson, the players & coaches met Saturday & talked about different issues surrounding the team. Carmelo said it was productive". The meeting was said to have lasted about an hour and that many things were discussed. 

This meeting was important and was bound to happen at some point. Jackson's contract will be over soon and they need to know which direction to head in because he's brought them absolutely nowhere. But here's a few reasons why this meeting was needed.


This was the perfect opportunity to air out all the grievances that they have with one another. Coaching styles, playing styles, defense, offense etc. Whatever it was, the meeting was the platform to speak out. And speaking of offense, that leads to the next point.

The triangle 

Another reason why this meeting was important was to finally get an answer to this whole triangle saga. Phil Jackson has been insistent on using the triangle since he's came in and there have been reports that he still want to implement it. His insistence on having the triangle in place will always be a distraction to the Knicks, so hopefully they discussed that.


What a better way to play better as a team than everyone having a clear conscience. Like I said earlier with grievances being aired and offensive issues being discussed, players may get a little more loose and free on the court knowing that everything is addressed. Hopefully that will lead to better production from the Knicks and translate to more wins.

Only good can come from the Knicks meeting and hopefully it's enough to get them back on the right track.

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