Watch Stephen Curry NBA record 13 threes

By marquelaries
Nov. 08, 2016

Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors made history by knocking down an NBA record 13 threes in last night's game. The previous record was tied between Donyell Marshall, Kobe Bryant, and you guessed it Stephen Curry. He also hit 11 threes a few times before. It's no secret that the man knows how to knock down a three pointer, but what was even more impressive is that he hit 13 out of 17. That's not a typo. The man hit 76 percent from the three point line. He went 0-10 in his last game, so even if you add those two games that 13/27 which is 48 percent from three. Last time I checked that was still good in the NBA. The man was escaping double teams, shooting over double teams, making threes after picking the ball off the floor due to bad passes, it was truly a marvel to watch.

But enough of my shock and awe, let me give you what you came here for (although if you haven't seen it already, I don't know what you were doing all day). Check out the 13 threes below and thanks for reading!