Mask for Skiing - is it needed?

By anthony green
Nov. 25, 2019

The ski or snowboard mask protects you from the sun, wind, cold, snow ... while improving your field of vision and this whatever the weather conditions. To ensure his role, he must have a screen of ski mask quality. But what is it exactly?
The composition of a ski mask

The ski mask has the function of providing you with an effective protection against bad weather but also against the intrusion of a foreign body at the level of the eyes while allowing you to ski in a comfortable way. For this, it is composed of:

A ski mask screen with glass
A frame that is also called chassis or frame and fixes all the elements of the mask
A foam that adapts to the morphology of the face
Ventilation that prevents fogging and ensures good ventilation
An elastic strap or strap to adjust the mask according to your head circumference

One of the important elements of the mask is the screen by its role of protection. This is why his choice is important.

Ski mask screen what is it 1
The characteristics of the ski mask screen

If the ski mask screen still has the same function, it has features that differentiate the range of models on the market. Thus, there are a number of criteria to know in order to understand exactly what it is. We therefore distinguish:

The shape: the glass can be cylindrical that is to say that it curves horizontally but remains flat vertically or spherically. In this case, it follows the shape of the retina which enlarges your field of vision and avoids any distortion of the image.
Thickness: A simple screen has an anti-fog treatment on the inner surface of the glass to prevent you from having to wipe it due to fogging. However, the double prevents fogging permanently thanks to the insulating air pocket located between the two glasses of the ski mask screen.
Hue: There are a dozen lens colors that will filter the light differently and have a particular effect depending on the weather conditions. Yellow, pink and orange accent the reliefs. Gray or brown tints are preferred in case of strong light. Gray is neutral and brown is more restful and comfortable.
Category: The ski mask screen is listed in different categories ranging from 1 to 4 depending on the percentage of light that passes. We distinguish the light sensitive or photochromic screens that have the particularity of automatically adapting to the external brightness.
Ventilation: it is important so that you are not fogged. This may be ACS ventilation that incorporates air inlet vents from the screen to the glass and air outlets on the frame to prevent condensation and fogging. It can also be a patented RAM ventilation system that directs the flow of air to prevent fogging and condensation.

It is good to know that the ski mask screen is also suitable for wearers of glasses because there are models whose frame and adjustment can be optimized to fit their shape.

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