The Traudt Vulnerability Index

By traud003
Mar. 20, 2017

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I know what you’re all thinking “Where are the upsets? Isn’t this supposed to be March MADNESS?” As far as upsets go, we had a pretty slow first two days. In fact, as slow a two days I can recall in recent years. It’s just not the year of the mid-major. The talent discrepancy between the major conferences and the little guys is greater this year than in years past, but trust me the Madness is coming. We’re going to see some top seeds start to fall here soon as I will detail below.

Trust me ladies and gents, they’re coming in round two. I see some particularly vulnerable three seeds, two vulnerable twos, and a one seed that is going DOWN. Any guesses on the one seed I’m referring to? I have put together an analysis that I call “The Traudt Vulnerability Index” in which I will rank each higher seed playing in round two by their susceptibility to getting upset this round. No real research done here, just opinions based on years of tourney watching experience. 4-5 seeds games have been excluded as they would likely rank 1,2,3. I’ll quickly mention those afterwards.

1) Baylor (3 seed) – A perennial loser, the Baylor Bears found a way to keep on dancing through game one, but Baylor is Baylor, a consistently disappointing team in March. I see 11 seeded USC giving them a real run for their denaro and taking one out of JT’s playbook, keep on dance, dance, dancing into the sweet sixteen.

2) Louisville (2 seed) – This one has less to do with Louisville and more to do with their opponent. Michigan’s hot, baby! That plane crash incident sparked them. Louisville didn’t defend the three well in round one against the much feared Jacksonville State squad, and Michigan’s hitting them on a crazy pace. Michigan has an innate quality about them. Look for them to foxtrot into the next round.

3) Kentucky (2 seed) – Look for the Shockers to make Calipari sweat a little in this one. Everyone hates Kentucky, and for good reason. Go Shockers, keep on waltzing!

4) Florida State (3 seed) – They have the athletes, but lack tourney experience. I see Xavier (11 seed) Cha-Cha-Chaing into the sweet sixteen. Bust a move Xavier.

5) Villanova (1 Seed) – You all knew this was coming. Badgers’ offense is hot. Cats return to their old ways, and the Badgers salsa their way to the next round. Also, Nick from the Bachelor picked the Bucky Badgers to win it all, and who could possibly question the judgement of a guy who proposed to a women after knowing her for like 10 minutes, whilst probably sleeping around with plenty of other women right in from of her?

This is getting super long, so I’m cutting it short here.

6) UCLA & Oregon (3 seeds) – Pac 12 doesn’t impress me too much. I think these 2 squads win, but in nail-bitters.

7) Butler (4 seed) – Don’t see them losing yet. Gut feeling, they have plenty of moxie and a tourney pedigree.

8) Arizona (2 seed) – St. Mary’s needs to get some athletes before they ever make a run.

9) Duke, UNC, Kansas, & Gonzaga – Don’t see them losing this round. Duke would be closest though.

In regards to the 4-5 seed games, I have Notre Dame, Florida and Iowa State. ND gave a round 1 scare, as is their nature, but now I believe they are poised for a run.

Thanks for reading, and trust me the upsets are coming, Nova’s going down, and the fun is just beginning! It’s March, baby, be thankful!