If Today Marks the Start of the NBA Playoffs. Who would take the Title?

Let's pretend that things got better today regarding the corona virus and the nba decided to take the current standings and have them go head to head for the 2020 playoffs. Here’s what I think would happen and why.

Eastern Conference

  1. Milwakuee Bucks vs 8. Orlando Magic

For me this is very easy, with the hottest team in the NBA and having the most likely back to back MVP on their side. I have a clean 4-0 sweep. I think the Magic are stuck in no mans land and need a star to help them out. Without that star I don’t see them getting a win come playoff time this year.

4. Heat vs 5. Indianapolis Pacers

This series many say would be a toss up. I simply can’t agree. The pacers ended the season not so hot when Oladipo came back from injury. As for the Miami Heat they have been one of the most surprising teams this nba season, and with the leadership of Jimmy Butler, and the play of all star center Bam Adebayo I don’t see them losing to the streaky Pacers. Another reason Miami should win this series is because of their coaching in Erik Spolestra, duncan robinson, kendrick nunn, and tyler herro all having great years I think that goes to say hown well miami develops their young talent.

  1. Bucks vs 4. Heat

I think at best in this series the heat can win 2 games. This series no doubt Milwakuee can’t afford slip ups, but with that being said I don’t find it too hard for Milwaukee to win and to advance to the ECF.

  1. Raptors vs 7. Nets

I think the raptors who have played great all year after losing their superstar in the offseason, will easily get the job done. Toronto is well coached and has high playoff experience, this series should last no longer than 5.

  1. Celtics vs 6. 76ers

The 76ers have been disappointing this year and sadly I don’t see that changing at all here. With all the injuries and concerns and even if they have all their players I would still be confident in the Celtics in 5,6 or possibly 7.

2. Raptors vs 3. Celtics

As much faith as I have in Nick Nurse, I simply don’t see them going back to back without a real closer or even getting past the Celtics here in this round. Jayson Tatum putting up superstar numbers and kemba walker, the brad stevens systems and the rest of the crew I see them taking down toronto in 5 or 6.

  1. Bucks vs 3. Celtics

I believe that the Celtics will put up a good fight and bring the bucks to 6 or 7 but I don’t not see a way without Giannis going to his first NBA Finals in 2020.

Western Conference

  1. Lakers vs 8. Grizzlies

I do see the Lakers having a bit of a struggle here and maybe more of a struggle than other series, but it won’t affect their advancement in less than 5 or 6 games.

4. Utah Jazz vs 5. OKC Thunder

In this series, I am very confident in the thunder advancing with the leadership of Chris Paul and the play of Alexander, I don’t see Donovan Mitchell or Rudy Gobert getting past the thunder whether they’re sick from the covid-19 or not.

  1. Lakers vs 5. OKC Thunder

While this series will be fun and interesting for both James and Paul as friends and competitors. I see Lakers getting by OKC in a similar route as Memphis 5 or 6 games.

  1. Clippers vs 7. Mavericks

As tempted and as bad as I want to go, Mavs in 6 or 7. I am more confident in Kawhi to shut down the Mavs and win the series in 6 or possibly 5.

  1. Nuggets vs 6. Rockets

I am not really a fan of the Rockets matchup here considering their devotion to small ball, and the fact that they have to play Jokic. Denver in no more than 5.

2. Clippers vs 3. Nuggets

Again I am confident in Kawhi and unfortunately again I don;t think it's Denver's time to shine this year either. I have clippers in 5 or 6.

  1. Lakers vs 2. Clippers

The matchup everyone has been waiting for the battle for LA. Interestly enough when the season began I predicted clippers bucks finals and thought I had it right and set in stone. I am now leaning towards the Lakeshow because Lebron is playing his heart out this year and I can’t see even Kawhi taking him down.

NBA Finals

  1. Bucks vs 1. Lakers

Lebron Deserves this title right now and I could definitely see it happening, this series is very hard to choose from but I am going to have to give it to the Bucks in 7 and that home court advantage being critical to their success in game 7.

NBA Champions Milwakuee Bucks