The Celtics aren't ready for Primetime. Don't be surprised of a first round exit.

NBA: Preseason-Chicago Bulls at Indiana Pacers

It almost seems like everybody is not giving enough credit to the Celtics. They won the eastern conference, they really could have destroyed the east if they won some games that they should of won. This seems great, but the Celtics aren't ready. I honestly don't believe they could make it any farther than the second round. The Celtics are a young team, they don't have a lot of experienced playoff players. Isaiah Thomas is an incredible player, but him and his team isn't ready. The home court advantage, in the Garden where they have been winning all season, might give them the edge in the first round. It will be close, the bulls have all star Jimmy Butler, and experienced playoff guards in Rondo, and Wade. I think the Celtics can win in 7, but don't be surprised if they get eliminated early. To conclude, if the Celtics make it out of the first round they will not advance past the second round, because of their lack of experience, and overall better teams they will have to face.