Why the Cleveland Browns should not draft a QB in the first round.

With this draft class being one of the deepest in talent yet. I don't believe they need a QB. Defense is what wins NFL games, and that is what the Cleveland Browns most need. They can easily sign a veteran quarterback if they need to. To most truthful the QB class this year isn't the best. If the Browns were to draft any of the QB's, Kizer, Watson, Trubisky, Holmes. They all need a year or most of the season to develop. They're definitely not that good to just go in to the NFL week 1 and start. The browns need defense, to make them a decent team in the league. That's going to start with drafting Myles Garrett #1 overall, then Reuben Foster at 12th. They are both defense of studs, that are NFL ready week one. So if your anyone from the Cleveland Browns that has some input on who the Browns will draft. Listen take these two talents, and sign a veteran QB. I can guarantee you if go my route, you will finish much better then if you draft somebody like Trubisky.