Boston Sports Don't Fuck me Over (again...) (Bruins vs Leafs Game 7)


I bet on sports, a decent amount. I lose, a decent amount. Sometimes I'll get hot and it all works out in the end. This is my gambling cycle. An example would be March Madness. I won many games, spreads, money-lines, a couple over under. I then lost everything I made on the championship, I thought Texas Tech was a lock. Fuck Virginia. You fucked my bracket last year and then take my money this year, fucking bullshit. Same thing with the NFL playoffs. Win, win, win, lose in the Superbowl. Jared Goff is the most overrated QB in the league, I do not give two fucks about his stats. The Jets would have a better offense in that game. Betting against the Patriots was the worst decision of my life to that point, I'm not a Pats fan by any means. Still, how could I be so stupid.


I BEG, PLEASE, Boston continue your fucking success this season. PLEASE. The Bruins are a LOCK, they should be a lock. The Leafs can't beat the Bruins in Game 7's no matter the circumstance. I am betting on Boston tonight, Money line, straight up, I don't need any goals. PLEASE do not fuck this up for me. I bet against the Patriots, I GOT FUCKED. If one more Boston team fucks up my bets I might have to retire from gambling. I even went to Game 5 on Friday, at the Garden. I rooted for the Leafs, there were less than 100 Leafs fans there. I HATE Boston sports, I don't like the Leafs, but I love money. This is the way I am going to make money tonight. Bruins. Money Line. It's a Lock.


If the Bruins win tonight. I will ride this gambling wave into the finals, which is where they will end up. Columbus is good, I respect them as a team, but to beat the playoff Bruins, they aren't good enough. If the Bruins lose, it's a coin flip series between the Leafs and the Jackets. The only way the Bruins won't be in the finals is if they face Ovechkin. If the Canes knock off the Russian machine, I will have to sit here and watch another fucking parade in this joke of a sports region. Please, take me back to New York.